Schweser Secret Sauce Review

Take this compact book anywhere you go, printed or eBook, for a concise review of the CFA® Program curriculum. Schweser's Secret Sauce® provides insights and exam tips on how to effectively prepare and apply your knowledge on exam day.

Schweser Secret Sauce Review

The first portion of this book offers concise, readable explanations of the major parts of the CFA Program curriculum by Schweser’s team of expert authors. The second portion gives you essential exam strategies and guidance on how to pass the exam, including:

  • Tips and tricks on how to apply your knowledge
  • Basic strategies and time management hints
  • A plan for the last week prior to exam day
  • Topic-by-topic listing of high-probability exam topics
  • Analysis of level-specific question styles

For my preparation, I used Schweser's notes, as well as the FRM manual. However, I have not seen the benefit of using the Manual as all topics are covered in the Notes. However, remember one thing. The goal is to overcome both the first and the second part. And from my personal experience, the second part is much more difficult than the first and requires a lot more knowledge and practice that goes beyond Schweser's notes. So, if you just want to go through the first part, these notes are enough. But from a long-term perspective, keep other manuals handy so you don't get left behind when preparing for the second part.

Kaplan Schweser is a leading global provider of financial education to hundreds of thousands of students and professionals around the world. Our comprehensive learning strategy, known as the Kaplan Path, uses science learning in the educational design of our teaching tools and courses.

About Kaplan Schweser

Dr. Carl Schweser, Professor of Finance at the University of Iowa, founded the Schweser Study Program in 1990. He compiled study notes from the basement of his home in Iowa City for the first level of the CFA® exam. . Prior to founding his company, Schweser taught CFA exam preparation courses for the Financial Analyst Study Seminar (SSFA) in Windsor, Ontario.

Andi Temte, a doctoral student who arrived at the University of Iowa in 1989, worked closely with Dr. Schweser. Temte, together with Schweser, contributed to the realization of the CFA Level I material. Together, in 1991 and 1992, they presented materials for the study of CFA levels II and III. Schweser's study program failed.

Schweser and Temte were led by a small number of dedicated employees who saw their Schweser curriculum become the CFA industry leader by the mid-1990s. After earning his PhD in finance, Dr. Temte returned to his hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1996. He began producing supplemental materials for Schweser's study program called Temte's Financial Education. Temte produced cards and audio-video material from his home and expanded the company's product range.

The continued growth during the 1990s eventually attracted the attention of education giant Kaplan, Inc. In November 1999, Kaplan acquired the Schweser curriculum. Knowing that his company was in good hands, Dr. Schweser decided to retire after the purchase. In May 2000, Andi Temte was named president and chief executive officer of the Schweser curriculum, and the company headquarters moved from Iowa City to La Crosse.

Since 1999, with the full support of Kaplan, Inc. and its parent company, Graham Holdings, Kaplan Schweser has been a world leader in providing state-of-the-art CFA exam preparation materials and continues to be a trusted name in the industry. .

Although Schweser has been part of a larger organization for several years, we have never forgotten our roots. Kaplan Schweser remains committed to helping our clients achieve educational and professional goals. We continuously update and expand our CFA materials. We also offer quality exam preparation materials for other advanced financial labels, including CAIA®, FRM®, CFA Institute Investment Foundations ™ and CFP® certification.

For the convenience of our students, Kaplan Schweser can deliver content in every imaginable format - from traditional books and papers to online courses, Internet applications and mobile technology. Simply put, there are no better materials on the market and no one can provide them with more variety, convenience or ease than Kaplan Schweser!

The people behind Kaplan Schweser

Currently, Kaplan Schweser has 12 full-time teachers holding the CFA Card, as well as 13 full-time teachers with CAIA, FRM or CFP® certification. Our full-time teachers, along with over 50 additional faculties, hold seminars and prepare efficient and effective training and learning materials for our clients.

Virtually all of our additional faculties have grades in the field they teach. Because they know the exams firsthand, our instructors and authors understand what it takes to prepare for the CFA, CAIA, FRM or CFP® exams and how to pass them. They have extensive teaching experience in these programs, as well as universities in the United States and Canada.

Kaplan Schweser is student-centric, results-oriented, and fully committed to helping individuals and organizations around the world obtain financial certifications and labels that enable them to advance and succeed in their careers.


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