48 Laws of Power PDF


This amoral, cunning, ruthless and instructive book synthesizes the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun Tse and Carl von Clausewitz with the historical heritage of statesmen, warriors, seducers and deceivers over the centuries.

48 Laws of Power PDF

Best-selling author and public speaker, Robert Greene was born in Los Angeles. He attended U.C. California to Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he completed his classical studies. He worked in New York as an editor and writer for several magazines, including Esquire; and in Hollywood as a storyteller and writer.

Robert lived in London, Paris, and Barcelona; he speaks several languages ​​and has worked as a translator. In 1995, he was involved in the design and creation of the Fabrica art school, outside Venice, Italy. There he met Joost Elffers, a New York book packer, and talked to him about his idea for a book on power and manipulation, the definitive modern version of Machiavelli’s prince.

Robert and Joost became partners, and in 1998, 48 laws of power were born. The book was a national and international bestseller and has been translated into 17 languages. In 2001, Robert published his second book, The Art of Seduction, which is more than a sequel to 48 Laws; it is also a manual on how to use the latest form of power and a detailed look at the greatest seducers in history.

The third in this long-awaited series of books, 33 Strategies of War, was published in bookstores in January 2006 and offers a strategic view of the movements of war in everyday life. In addition to having great business opportunities and having a deep entourage in Washington, these books are praised by everyone, from war historians to some of the biggest hits in the world of rap (including Jai-Z and 50 Cent).

The popularity of these books, along with their huge and fiercely loyal audience, shows that they are deep and timeless lessons of historical leaders that are still valid in today’s culture. Robert currently lives in Los Angeles.


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