Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice Fourth Edition


Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice Fourth Edition by Michael J. Worth is a complete textbook written for the Nonprofit Management course. Value covers the scope and structure of the nonprofit sector, managing a nonprofit organization, managing a nonprofit organization, fundraising, earning strategies, financial management , non-profit lobbying and advocacy activities, management of international and global organizations and social entrepreneurship. Written specifically for students, this applied text integrates research, theory and literature for professionals and includes more than is found in the most prescribed practitioner-oriented alternatives. 

Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice Fourth Edition

Providing a suitable overview for first-year students enrolled in this field, the book also includes case studies and discussions on advanced issues for those with experience. 

Key Features 

- Has a balanced approach to different perspectives and controversial issues and embraces traditional concepts as well as new approaches and reflections 

- A new chapter on government support addresses this important source of revenue for many nonprofits - covering key topics such as advisory committees and consulting, leadership theory, volunteering, social media in marketing, online fundraising, fourth sector in the making and new organizational models, planned donations, risk management and financial control. 

- Includes a chapter on social entrepreneurship, which examines the theories behind this concept, as well as the successful practices of high-impact nonprofits around the world - Integrates social science research, management theory and literature for Professionals 

- Includes case studies to enhance students' understanding of problems involved in real world situations 

- Provides students with guidance on where to go to the literature to learn more by completing the "Tips for Further Reading" chapter - Includes "Discussion Questions" at the end of each chapter to help students apply the content chapter to real nonprofits


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